Resort 2019 brings the wearer through an idyllic sojourn in Menorca - Berta Cabestany’s summer home. A meditation on her hero Dali and hid crustacean muses are drawn on, as well as inspiration from her star sign symbol the cab for a light, colourful fluid collection.

Core embroideries of lighthouses, jellyfish, crabs and horses who feature in the Spanish tradition of ‘’Jaleo’’ climax in the phrase ‘’Ara va de bo’’ a typical Spanish song played in villages in Menorca. Brocade fabrics for lightweight tailoring include a crab and ‘’Menorquina’’ (boat) jacquard.

Silhouettes are easy and flattering featuring paper bag waists, signature baby doll shapes rushed like delicate sea creatures, and fluted hems on the perfect pair of shorts, all worn with ‘’Abarcas’’ Menorcan summer sandals.